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A Deep Dive Into JA Architecture’s Mansion VF30
June 27, 2022

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Nestled in the lush vegetation of Villefranche-sur-Mer, the Mansion VF30 residence is Joe Aoun Architecture’s newest addition to the exceptional projects of uniquely streamlined residential spaces on the scenic French Riviera.

JA Architecture’s multi-disciplinary team of experts is currently working on the concept of this mansion for an extreme-sports enthusiast, a former professional skier turned into a sports car aficionado, whose family enjoys creative pursuits. 

The client wanted a home that would reflect his and his family’s lifestyle and provide spaces where they can separately carry out their personal and professional activities with comfort and ease. 

Project overview 

Overlooking the picturesque french coast, this luxurious 16,000 sm residential property consists of several buildings and areas, each dedicated to a specific need of the client and his family, and all working in harmony as an extension of their life.

Three main units shape the entity of this property: the main building which has a villa and a pool house that make up an entirely private area for the family, a photography studio with a cottage house making up the second unit, and last but not least, a state of the art performance center as the third unit. 

“It is very rare to find a property that large in the French Riviera region. This project is definitely an exceptional one in many aspects”, shares Brice Cartoux, designer and part of the team handling the Mansion VF30 project. 

The entire project consists of two renovations and one full new construction, all being simultaneously underway. Each unit has its own work process, based on its characteristics, functions, and purpose. But before we dive into the disparate interior of these units, let’s take a look at the landscape design.

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

A biophilic and sustainable design  

Naturally surrounded by charming olive trees, this property effortlessly boasts its biophilic features. It was merely intuitive to add more greenery to the already existing flora and to create a natural swimming pool that functions without the use of chemicals. It cleans itself via a self-cleaning ecosystem within the pool.

Sustainable architecture has its fair share in the design process of the Mansion VF30 project. In collaboration with technical engineers, energy-efficient solutions were integrated into the architecture of this project to limit energy loss and CO2 emissions, such as insulation, heat pumps, double-glazed windows, and led lights.

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

The residential unit 

It comes as no surprise that the residential villa is positioned at the heart of the property. Initially an ancient country house, this building is being carefully renovated to match the preferences of the client with special attention to its unique provincial characteristics. “In my fifteen years of work, this building renovation has been so far the most challenging and most demanding”, reveals designer Cartoux. 

He explains: “With buildings as old as the one we were handling, you don’t really know what to expect. Because of its old structure, the building had thick walls that needed rigorous and meticulously calculated work to re-design. We managed to make the most of the interior space all while preserving the façade of the bastide. We created a mezzanine floor to make the space more comfortable and accessible.”

Similar to many residential spaces on the french coast region, the residential villa was initially conceived with a Provincial design for its exterior, with curves creating a certain flow to the architecture. 

Stepping inside the premises, you will discover a different mood that sets a modern tone to the interior of the home, with an aim to create a space that is in tune with the client’s way of life. “We went with an American loft vibe for the interior design with Chicago-style red brick walls and steel framework, all curated in line with the client’s personal touch”, adds Brice Cartoux, JA Architecture’s designer. 

The photography studio 

On the upper side of the property resides the photography studio, created at the request of the client’s wife, as an extension of her former career as a professional model. With its cottage-inspired, this unit provides a creative space that will, later on, be the business quarters for her own modeling agency.  

Counterbalancing the provincial architecture on the exterior is a modern interior that gets all the creative juices flowing. 

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

The performance center

Moving on to the performance center, this unit is purely construction work and a concretization of the client’s vision. Surrounded by a large terrace, this building serves as a training center for young aspiring athletes from different sports that wish to take their careers to the next level. 

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

It includes an entire story dedicated to a professional car garage, another one dedicated to extreme training with cutting-edge technology to mimic the climatic conditions of high-altitude areas, a boxing room, a fitness area, and to top it all off, a wellness space consisting of a spa, an indoor pool, a hammam, a sauna, and a yoga area.

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

This performance center was not only designed to fulfill certain functionalities but also to create an experience. Hence the luxurious suite apartments were meant to host renowned guests in the sports industry while they share their knowledge and experience with young athletes as part of their training at the performance center. 

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer, by JA Architecture

The work process 

It takes a lot of effort and open communication to translate the client’s vision and lifestyle into a living space. “Over the course of almost a year and a half, we met with the client once every week or two to discuss his ideas and get to know him and his family better. It’s crucial to build a relationship and establish trust with the client, this way he will be more comfortable sharing personal experiences and stories that will help us target his interests”, clarifies designer Brice Cartoux. 

He adds: “It’s also important to note that the work process is constantly evolving throughout all stages according to the client’s feedback and the new technologies on the market. This allows us as a design and construction agency to provide the best turnkey service and exceed the client’s expectations.”

“The project is going very well so far. The client has been keeping an open mind throughout the entire process and knows distinctively how to communicate his ideas. We expect the project to be fully complete by the summer of 2024”, concludes JA Architecture designer, Brice Cartoux. 

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