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The DU58 Project: An Ode to Dubai’s Modern Architecture 
April 11, 2023

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Located at the beating heart of the United Arab Emirates, the DU58 project is Joe Aoun Architecture’s most recent addition to Dubai’s collection of avant-garde architectural masterpieces. A beautiful ensemble of residential curve design units disrupting the city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches, the DU58 luxury villa is utterly worth taking a deeper dive into. 

Let us show you around this imaginative architectural concept handled by Joe Aoun Architecture’s multidisciplinary team of construction, design, and landscape experts. 

A seamless layout 

Stretching over a significantly large piece of land, the DU58 residential project was entirely built from the ground up, encompassing a total space of 3000 sqm. 
It consists of several independent units that melt harmoniously into one coherent design. “Upon the client’s request, we had to work on creating a collection of buildings that form one residential space instead of working on one unique piece. To achieve that, we opted for this particular form that fluidly integrates all the elements”, explains Joe Aoun, founder of Joe Aoun Architecture.  

The exterior design of the project depicts a timeless elegance. A warm blend of white-coated minerals with beige and gray shades is dominant on the façade of the villa, while a contrasting black metal crowns all the structures on the roofing.  

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

Joe Aoun paints a more detailed picture of the exteriors: “This mix of white, beige, and gray makes one think of adding a natural wooden element to finalize the palette. However, due to the harsh climate of Dubai and the impossibility of its maintenance, the use of wood was out of the question. To simulate the wooden effect, we created slats and strips on the stones. This step was crucial in domesticating the exterior design and adding this lively, inviting feel to it.  

Breathing further life and animation into the project, the team also focused on incorporating the glass element. “With the client, we chose curved glass to further accentuate the general design idea,” shares architect Joe Aoun. 

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

A modern and minimalistic ensemble 

As previously mentioned, the DU58 residence includes several independent constructions, each with individual parking spaces and serving a separate purpose, all forming one visually consistent architectural entity. 

At the entrance, the property starts with a facility designated for the lodging of staff and personnel, right next to another complex for security rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

Moving farther along the property is the building where the majlis is located. Traditionally, the majlis is the largest room of an Arab house. It is designed and created for receiving and entertaining guests and usually has a separate entryway and a larger entrance door. 
And to maximize the flow of natural daylight, JA Architecture’s team decided to go with a glass ceiling on the roof. 

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

Arriving now to the centerpiece of the DU58 luxury villas: the primary residential unit. Functioning as the epicenter of daily activities, this building comprehensively joins all essential living spaces, from cozy bedrooms to spacious dining areas.  
Its meticulous design incorporates a well-planned layout, engineered to optimize functionality, including a strategically positioned kitchen slightly more independent to facilitate a seamless workflow. 

An aesthetically pleasing and calming water feature decorates the entire residence, from start to finish. Its charm does not only embellish the landscape of the villas but also flows all the way to the inside, specifically to the living room of the main residential space. The overall curve configuration allows for seamless integration with the lounge area, creating a harmonious flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture
Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

Additionally, at the center of the main residential building, you can find a glass elevator with the ultimate in form and function. A true masterpiece of engineering and art, it is surrounded by monumental stairs that go around it.  
Both the elevator and the stairs overlook an all-glass facade offering panoramic views while traveling between floors. 

And finally, a common underground parking space connects the main residential area to the building where the majlis is located. 

While the interior design and decor process are currently underway, the mood board is already set with a sharp vision of the end goal. A modern and minimalist interior decor reflecting the feel portrayed on the project’s exterior design was the client’s choice.  

A design that beats the heat 

Similar to many countries along the Persian Gulf coastline, Dubai has a year-round hot climate. Humidity and temperatures are high in the summer months and mostly moderate the rest of the year. 
Hot and humid climates present some unique challenges when it comes to construction materials and building designs. Therefore, the choice of these materials and techniques is crucial for keeping buildings cool during the hotter days.  

The DU58 luxury residential villas were no exception to that. “To help minimize the heat coming from the sun during hotter days, we added metallic pergolas along the entire units,’ reveals Joe Aoun.  
Additionally, other features were included in the project to work as heat regulators. Thermal insulation was an unquestionable option; it is one of the most effective ways to inhibit the transfer of heat from the exterior walls to the interior walls of domestic properties.  

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

But as you might have already noticed throughout their previously discussed projects, Joe Aoun Architecture never stops at the easy and traditional. 
The landscape design not only completes the aesthetic of the property but also works as a thermal regulator for the buildings.  

“We integrated a water feature from the start point of the residence right to its end. The same water feature that starts as a fountain at the entrance of the property, flows into a pool then a small lake around the majlis,” adds Joe Aoun.  
Along with the strategically positioned greenery, the water feature common to all the constructions creates an overall refreshing atmosphere. 

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

Overcoming the challenge 

Though the elements of the DU58 project flow seamlessly right next to each other, the process was nonetheless challenging for Joe Aoun Architecture’s team. 

“JA Architecture has worked with curved architecture projects previously, but this one is quite unique since it is the first time we tackle this type of architecture from an urban perspective. The concept consists of a collection of independent buildings. We managed to blend them together thanks to the curve shape: from the units and the main residential building to the garden and water feature; it was a challenge we happily took on and proudly overcame with remarkable success,” says founder Joe Aoun.  

Once you start with a certain shape, you must go all the way. “Another aspect of the challenges we faced is having to apply the design to the ensemble of the architecture. You cannot stop at the construction and architecture of the exterior layout. Everything to the last detail must match the form on the inside: architecture, glass windows, and furniture amongst other features,” explains Joe Aoun. 

Villa DU58, Dubai – UAE, by JA Architecture

JA Architecture’s DU58 luxury residential project is still underway and is expected to come to life in Dubai by the end of 2024. 

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