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Behind The Scenes: The Work Process At Joe Aoun Architecture
September 21, 2022

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In the field of architecture and design, particularly when it comes to residential projects, prioritizing the needs and wants of the client is a must if we are looking to reap client satisfaction at the end of the project.

However, it is equally important to interpret what the client desires and make that fit into the construction site, the rules and regulations, and most importantly, the architecture and design firm’s values.

Communication in an architect-client relationship is a crucial ingredient to the success of the project. While it is important to the client to express what they are looking for so that the team of architects, designers, engineers, and so could help translate that into a living space, the experts in the field also have a duty to share a step-by-step work process that allows all parties involved to be in the know at all stages of the project.

Working in the field for nineteen years now, the team at Joe Aoun Architecture has mastered navigating through challenging projects, achieving the client’s vision within the construction rules and regulations of the site location, respect for the environment, and while holding their values high as an architecture and design firm. 

So let’s have a brief overview of the work process at JA Architecture studio.

Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer – France, by JA Architecture
Mansion VF30, Villefranche-sur-Mer – France, by JA Architecture

What’s the work process?

The work process at Joe Aoun Architecture is achieved through an integrated and in-depth process in which the team comes to truly understand the client, their vision, and their needs. The team then defines the boundaries, detects the technical issues involved, and handles the legal aspects and permits needed to be able to work all of this information into a design that goes beyond the initial brief.

But it doesn’t end here. Joe Aoun Architecture goes the extra mile with JA+ service, remaining available to assist clients even after achieving the project.

“Our golden rule is to accompany the client throughout the entire project. We make sure it’s all working smoothly, from functionality to aesthetics. Every detail matters”, says Joe Aoun, founder of JA Architecture.

It’s important to note that the legal and permits phase is where modifications to the project might take place. “As architects,  we understand it can sometimes be frustrating for the client, but abiding by the rules and regulations is critical for us”, notes Joe Aoun. 

Villa SJ05, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – France, by JA Architecture 

Playing by the rules to create ground-breaking projects 

Changes to the initial plan might occur, caused by several factors. “After meeting with the client and getting a clear idea of their needs, our legal team leads a feasibility study of the project based on the construction rules and regulations of the region. Once this phase is completed, we have the green light to proceed”, affirms the founder of JA Architecture. 

“We always make sure our projects check all specs and inspections, but the rest is out of our hands. The local administration that organizes the construction rules has the authority to admit or reject the project, which forces us to make some unexpected changes to the project. However, we always push to execute in the spirit of the client’s vision”, he explains. 

He continues: “The project is in constant evolution. In some cases, the permits might take long or even longer than expected. During that span of time, the client’s lifestyle might have changed and so we have to adapt the project to their new reality because after all, our main goal is the client’s satisfaction and happiness”.

Nineteen years into the architecture and design business, Joe Aoun Architecture has mastered navigating challenging projects and overcoming obstacles to deliver projects that exceed clients’ expectations. 

“Our extensive experience in the field allows us to quickly and effectively address any issue, especially when working in a location with many strict construction laws”, reveals Joe Aoun.  

JA Architecture’s values do not stop at the legal aspect of the job. They expand and show their true colors especially when it comes to preserving the environment. 

Villa SJ05, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – France, by JA Architecture 

Championing sustainability in every project 

As Joe Aoun Architecture & Design firm understands the long-term impact of sustainable design on clients’ homes and the community at large, they advocate environmental architecture in their practice and in every project they undertake.

“We aim to design and execute projects that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Visiting the construction site mid-work might make it somewhat impossible for people to imagine how nature will still fit into the project, but we always plan our projects in a way that not only allows natural elements to take back their initial place but also prosper”, explains architect Joe Aoun.

Villa SJ26, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – France, by JA Architecture 
Villa SJ28, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – France, by JA Architecture 

Furthermore, JA Architecture’s designs are resilient and built to withstand future changes. Their projects are sensitive to a changing climate, responsive to technological developments, and built to contribute to healthy and happy communities for generations to come. 

“We always make up for any modification we have to make to the initial site to ensure the continuity of the ecosystem. We work with environmental experts to make sure our projects adapt to the primary natural elements on the site”, says Joe Aoun. 

He adds: “Vital natural elements such as healthy pine trees are to be respected and preserved. That’s why we try to work around the already existing flora.”

Chalet AU14, Auron – France, by JA Architecture

For Joe Aoun Architecture, professionalism and expertise are not the only factors that dictate the success of an architecture and design firm. 

Setting a clear work process with open communication sets the right foot to a healthy relationship with the client and allows the work to run smoothly. 

And as much as translating the client’s vision into a living space is at the essence of JA Architecture’s practice, holding certain values high is equally important to the team. 

No matter how challenging it might get, creating a practical balance between the client’s vision, legal aspects, permits needed, and sustainability will always be JA Architecture’s top priority. 

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