Soul is an over-used word however, at JA Architects, we really know what it means. It’s not just about collaboration, team work or sharing, it’s about working with our soul to embrace the unexpected, bringing remarkable minds together and breaking down barriers to enrich outcomes.


Human experience is at the heart of our philosophy. We design for the people who live in the spaces and places we create. These people have stories to tell; they dream, work, relax, travel, learn and share moments with each other.

Working with our clients and other stakeholders, we explore their lifestyle to bring each project to reach its full potential beyond its basic brief.

Our projects are derived from their context and from the stories of the people who inhabit them, and from the landscape, climate, history, culture and community that surrounds and defines them.


Understanding the long-term impact of sustainable design on our clients’ homes and the community at large, we champion sustainability in every project we undertake.

We believe sustainability is multi-faceted; it’s about taking responsibility for the environmental impact, cultural heritage, economic viability and social significance of our work.

Our designs are resilient to whatever the future holds. We create projects that are sensitive to a changing climate, responsive to technological developments, and built to contribute to healthy and happy communities for generations to come.