JA Architecture’s unique ability to provide a unified architectural and interior design approach offers exceptional synergy, extreme efficiency of production and unsurpassed quality of product.

Our architects and interior designers handle all aspects of the design process from renovations, to new construction, to the specifications of furnishings and accessories.

“We extend the beauty of the home way beyond its walls.”
“We extend the beauty of the home way beyond its walls.”

Devoted to delivering emotional results through the physical interplay of the built environment, our team is committed to a very client-focused relationship.

With close collaboration from start to finish throughout the design and build phases, we’re able to deliver turnkey solutions that suit your unique needs.

At JA Architecture, we don’t think that the project ends when the walls go up. As architects and interior designers, space planning is one of our great strengths. We create spaces that are the perfect reflection and extension of their inhabitants.

With a keen understanding of proportion, scale and color, we combine style and ingenuity to compose inspired and unique furniture to put together singular, stunning and personalized interiors that reflect your singular taste.

Creatively combining innovative planning and design that aligns with project requirements, our team uses its collective skillset to craft tailored exterior solutions to site-specific outdoor design challenges.

Pool decks, rooftops, pergola corners, backyards, terraces or rooftops… our outdoor patio designs and bespoke seating options create outstanding spaces that extend the beauty of the home way beyond its walls.