Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

The interior and exterior concept are one: the curving volumes flow, following each other and opening the exterior space to the interior. Completely glazed facades with white bands separate the two totally identical volumes of the two floors.

Rooftop plan
First floor plan

The curves and circles of the floor finishes and curved shapes of the ceiling are repeated in the staircase and interior decoration, where the primary colors form an evident contrast with the black and white exterior.

This intriguing and visually pleasing game of offset between these two volumes gives this villa its unique, striking architectural character.

Check the progress below:


Located on the Basse Corniche in Nice, this plot offers a splendid view of the Mediterranean. With a bay window on the sea side and a blind wall on the rear side, this contemporary villa features a glazed infinity pool, an exceptional architectural element that ornaments the roof like a precious aquamarine gem.

A corten covering allows for a perfect integration into the site, nestled between the proud two hundred-year-old pines. The composition of the facades is further enhanced by the balconies’ self-supporting metal structure.

The villa has a sleek interior characterized by white plaster walls, mirrors and primary color combinations; the interior glass floor maintains that double height impression. The invisible entrance door is indicated by a glazed canopy. The project also involves restoration works of an existing chapel on premises.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Totally integrated with its surrounding sites, this villa sits at the foot of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat lighthouse, with which it entertains an open dialogue.

Its cubic shape and yellow stone facades with grey forays, characterize its contemporary architecture, further accentuated by the cantilever terrace that adds modernity of this element and overlooks the cliff. The swimming pool terrace highlights the extension of the interior spaces, offering a breathtaking panoramic view to the villa in an exceptional setting.

The naturally low garden is made of a combination of materials: cut stone and metal, breaking the verticality of the building and highlighting the modern aspect of the project.