Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Rooftop plan
First floor plan

The curves and circles of the floor finishes and curved shapes of the ceiling are repeated in the staircase and interior decoration, where the primary colors form an evident contrast with the black and white exterior.

This intriguing and visually pleasing game of offset between these two volumes gives this villa its unique, striking architectural character.

Check the progress below:

Lanis onsite
Lanis onsite
Lanis onsite

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Totally integrated with its surrounding sites, this villa sits at the foot of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat lighthouse, with which it entertains an open dialogue.

Its cubic shape and yellow stone facades with grey forays, characterize its contemporary architecture, further accentuated by the cantilever terrace that adds modernity of this element and overlooks the cliff. The swimming pool terrace highlights the extension of the interior spaces, offering a breathtaking panoramic view to the villa in an exceptional setting.

The naturally low garden is made of a combination of materials: cut stone and metal, breaking the verticality of the building and highlighting the modern aspect of the project.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

On the forefront of the Eastern side of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula, in a classified site, the reconstruction and interior arrangement of a villa with the creation of a swimming pool.

The complete integration within the site was achieved through the creation of two red bands that mark the upper levels of the building. Between these architectural lines, the black stone facades are merged with the windows.

An impressive cantilever, terraces on plots and a sliding glass door accentuated the particularities of this villa.     

A look over the construction site:

JA Architecture Studio

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

In a residential neighborhood of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat village, rehabilitation and reconversion of an old storehouse into what is now the showroom of JA Architecture studio.

Preserving the scale and respecting the immediate proximity of habitations, the architectural concept consisted of transforming the exterior walls in red ochre panels to shed light on the grey niches that shelter the bay windows.

The curved shape of the sliding doorway follows the flow of the public road lines.

To welcome passers-buy, the property was designed to be totally transparent, it is utterly vitrified.

Offering continuity to the eye, the welcoming lounge and working area integrate sliding glass doors that structure the space. Functionality was a key consideration when it comes to the choice of the furniture; terraces were transformed into parking spaces for visitors and staff. A backyard garden hosts a Cedar tree, a tribute to Lebanon, homeland of the architect, in addition to a colorful variety of fruit trees.

Galerie AV

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Nestled in the quaint village of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and overlooking the main plaza, the Aoun & Vestri Gallery was rearranged in 2017.

The Aoun & Vestri art gallery is a prestigious concept that combines luxury and art. The project involved restructuring the internal space to feature three main

Exhibition areas that connect in a smooth, fluid and seamless way. Based on the application of a double metallic frame of construction grids, the space was conceived to be a black box; it is totally painted in black, including the walls and ceilings, while the floor is in dark gray cover.

LED lights are scattered everywhere on the ceilings, shedding the spotlight on the rare collection of artefacts, paintings, sculptures, furniture and jewelry

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

At Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, in a classified site, the restructuring and extension of a villa, with the creation of a swimming pool and the arrangement of a garden.

Meticulous renovation of a building, a type of suspended garden that guarantees a panoramic view.
The extension of the villa was completed with the creation of a guesthouse that reflects a provincial style, and blends well with the Mediterranean garden and is linked through its garden floor to the existing building.

Harmonious integration with two buildings, of the new swimming pool as well as the pool house.


JA Architects office was assigned the restructuring and rearrangement of the Showroom of the Russian car brand Marussia in Monaco, opened in May 2012.

Located at the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel, the showroom can be accessed by both the external entrance of the hotel and an interior gallery. The space was conceived in a way to showcase the cars from below and above, as well as from an inclined position, visible if one is standing outside the showroom.

A white dressing, display screens in a mural band, technical artifacts creatively displayed through the space are all elements that further highlight and draw attention to the spectacular cars.